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Financial Statements Algemeen Pensioenfonds Sint Maarten 2015

1.1 Foreword
Algemeen Pensioensfonds of Sint Maarten (hereinafter named APS or the Fund) is a self-governing entity and forms part of the portfolio of the Minister of Finance of Sint Maarten. The Fund was established by law as of October 10, 2010 and is one of the three legal successors of Algemeen Pensioenfonds Nederlandse Antillen (APNA).

The law that governs the Fund is the national ordinance: “Landsverordening Algemeen Pensioenfonds Sint Maarten” LvO APS (AB 2010, no 64 superseded by AB 2015, no 9). APS became Sint Maarten’s first pension fund for civil servants. The Fund started its operations in Sint Maarten in 2012.

1.2 Mission and Core Values
Our mission is to achieve the highest possible returns on the Fund’s assets, while minimizing financial risks, therefore contributing to the welfare of our members by safeguarding their future pension benefit.

The importance of the Fund is to:
1. Provide peace of mind to active fund participants and deferred beneficiaries who based on employment history are entitled to a pension upon retirement. To achieve this, we are committed to safeguarding pensionable earnings of our participants. For retirees already enjoying pension benefits, it is important that they can rely on continuous receipt of their pension earnings;
2. Provide the highest level of customer service, by being proactive, flexible and provide information in a timely manner. Our service model makes use of our official website and brochures, to disseminate information to fund participants;
3. Develop and implement a business model which allows the proper execution of the pension plan and;
4. Use cutting-edge professional knowledge, skills and operations in serving our responsibilities.

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