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Demo Multi Tax Solution (MTS)

Do you want to get an up-close look of our Multi Tax Solution? Watch this 8 minute demo to see you how the solution works, what processes it supports and get to know the features of the application.  See for yourself how the Multi Tax Solution can help transform your Tax Administration.

Tailored to the Caribbean
The Multi Tax Solution was developed in close collaboration with the Dutch Tax Administration. BearingPoint joined forces with a large team of tax experts from The Netherlands to include both the Dutch best practices and the best practices gained in more than 25 years serving tax administrations in the Dutch Caribbean. The result is a solution that complies with the highest standards of the industry while adhering to local considerations.

Track record and proven solution
The solution is currently operational and producing mind-blowing results:

  • After the first year of use the Tax Administration of Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba) recorded revenues 26% higher than initially estimated.
  • After that same first year, independent research showed that 39% of citizens experienced the service offered as ∙improved∙.
  • Three years later, the same research was conducted again. This time, 66% of the citizens mentioned that the service improved. 25% even mentioned the service as ∙ much∙ improved,

We would like to demo the solution for you, or even better, create a proof-of-concept for one of your challenges.

Step-by-step approach
The Multi Tax Solution does not require a big bang transition. The solution can be implemented step-by-step. Linking the solution with legacy systems and existing technologies is very much possible and contract awarding is not requested up-front for the whole solution. The solution can be implemented one tax type at a time and budget, planning and priorities can be adjusted during the process.




An all-inclusive solution
The Multi Tax Solution is intended to be used as an integral solution for the whole Tax Administration. All tax types (and social security & health insurance premiums) are included and all core functions of the tax administation are supported. New tax types can easily be added.
Some of the functionalities are:

  • Portals (employees, tax payers, agents)
  • Registrations (natural persons and legal persons, tax subjects and objects)
  • Taxpayer service and support (single view of taxpayer and support to client facing employees)
  • Levying (invite, receive, assess, inform)
  • Requests
  • Objections and Appeals
  • Control & Investigation
  • Incoming and outgoing mail management
  • Interfaces with other systems (internal + external, such as general ledger, customs, key registers and collections)
  • Functional application management (user management, parameters, monitoring)
  • The highest security standards

Fast-track & low-risk
In our experience, we can have all tax types up-and-running in two to three phases of six months. The sequence of implementation according to the priorities of the tax administration.

We understand how crucial a high-performing tax administration is as a foundation for a financially healthy government. Because of this, the highest requirements and track-record should be regarded: governments should never settle for less than a world-class tax solution.

Demo Multi Collection Solution

Get to know all features of our Multi Collection Solution. Watch this 9 minute demo to see you how the solution works and what processes it supports. See for yourself how the Multi Collection Solution can help transform the collection of government revenues.

One solution for all types of collections by government
The Multi Collection Solution includes all regulations and policies regarding the collection of government revenues. It can be implemented as an add-on on the Multi Tax Solution, the Multi Benefit Solution or the Multi Permit Solution, and it can also be interfaced with other existing systems such as other tax systems, systems in use for customs, systems in use for fines or systems in use for study loans.

GPS-like tool for collection
Collection by governments has to be fully in line with legislation, regulation and guidelines, which is a complicated process. To facilitate this, all these processes are built-in to the system and it will guide the user step-by-step through the workflow, resulting in superior service and efficiency.


Management information & simulation
Business intelligence and simulation models regarding the expected revenues are extremely important for managing the government budget. This forecasting functionality is one of the most important features of our Multi Collection Solution.

Timely collections
The speed of collection has a big impact on government cash flow. It is undesirable and unnecessary to have substantial delays in collection. The Multi Tax Solution offers all functionalities to speed up this process.

Fast-track & low-risk
The Multi Collection Solution can be implemented in approximately 4 to 6 months.




Multi Benefit Solution (MBS)

Efficiency in execution:
Most regulations in social security and health insurance are very similar The core is always the registration of the beneficiaries and the process of deciding on length and height of a certain benefit. Executing these regulations in separate systems will by definition lead to inefficiencies.
The Multi Benefit Solution solves this problem. The Multi Benefit Solution brings all social security regulations together in one system (pensions, social relief, severance payment, etc.), but it also includes the processing of health insurance regulations (national health insurance).

Built-in legislation and internal procedures
All legislation and internal procedures are built-in, guiding the users step-by-step through the often-complicated regulation on social security and health insurance.

Online work flow with employers and health providers
The work flow of the interaction between employers and health providers is supported by intelligent portals.

Contribution to compliance
By having all regulations managed in one system, it is possible to cross-check data of a beneficiary to determine if he or she is entitled to a certain benefit. This is not only possible by checking within the Multi Benefit Solution, but also for example with data in the Multi Tax Solution.




Levying and collection also supported
Levying and collecting of social security premiums can be done in the Multi Tax Solution and the Multi Collection Solution, but can also be integrated in the Multi Benefit Solution depending on the organizational set-up of the agencies. In some countries, the social security agencies are also responsible for levying and collection, in which case these functionalities are built-in.

Managing the growth rate of social security and health insurance
Given the growth rate that each country encounters for social security and health insurance costs, managing these trends is extremely important:

  • Efficiency and lower costs of operations
  • High level of compliance both for income (premiums) and expenditures (entitlement)
  • Business intelligence and simulation models for the cost and trends of social security and national health insurance as input for policy making

Fast-track & low-risk
Usually we implement the Multi Benefit Solution in phases of 6 months for groups of social security types.


Multi Permit Solution (MPS)

An online platform processing permits & licenses for all Ministries
The Multi Permit Solution offers an online portal for citizens to find all relevant information and to apply for their permits and licenses. In this same portal, various government departments collaborate on processing the application in a correct and quick way.

Permits and licenses of all Ministries are processed in the same system, causing a drastic improvement of the front-office & back-office processes and cross-department collaboration, but also offering the Ministers with a complete overview of the pipeline of all of the country’s permit applications and their status.

Intelligent system
All legislation and internal procedures are built-in, guiding the users step-by-step and resulting in a big boost in client service & compliance.

Impact on compliance
A correct and complete registration of citizens and legal entities is key for compliance. For optimal results, registrations should be updated any time citizens and government interact. When citizens pay taxes or receive benefits, it is a given that their registration should be updated, but this counts just as much for the moments when a citizen needs a permit or license. Using the Multi Permit Solution to verify and complete the registration of citizens is a key element in improving compliance and thus a stable financial environment for government.

Fieldwork & enforcement
Enforcement and control in the field has never been that easy – all fieldworkers have authorized access to the solution with their smart phones and tablets. During one visit they can simultaneously check compliance for social security, tax and permits.



Superior service offered to citizens
The Multi Permit Solution eliminates any red tape that might be obstructing someone to start doing business or obtaining any other permit or license.

The Multi Permit Solution offers a one-stop shop for citizens through a 24/7 accessible online portal.

Citizens will feel in control of the process, as they are guided in completing a correct and complete application. After applying, the citizens can interact with the processing departments, they can have insight in the steps taken and they can find a digital file with all the related documentation for their case.

Efficient government
The government will benefit most from having access to the Multi Permit Solution. Due to the fact that the process is online and interactive, the applicant will do most of the data-entry and uploading of documents, while simultaneously pre-defined control procedures are applied causing the permit application to be complete and correct (first time right).

Departments will have an online tool to collaborate on cases and administrators will have a real-time overview of possible bottle-necks in the process, amounts of cases to be handled, etc. End users will be guided through the system by a GPS-like support, leading to fast and correct assessments of the applications.

Fast-track (6-months) & low-risk
The Multi Permit Solution has been developed and tested. Large organizations in The Netherlands are already using this solution, serving a very high number of citizens. We would be glad to demonstrate the Caribbean version to your organization.

In a time span of approximately 6 months, the most important ministries could be up and running with the Multi Permit Solution and after another 6 months, all ministries can be operational with superior 24/7 online permitting & licensing.


Multi Data Exchange Solution (MDES)

MDES is the only true full-service data exchange package for Tax Authorities
A key aspect of global cooperation between countries and tax authorities is data sharing in the fight against tax evasion. It is crucial that the technical solutions implemented by Tax Authorities to exchange data meets all requirements of the organisations imposing the new cooperation regulations, like the IRS and the OECD.

The Multi Data Exchange Solution (MDES) is the only true full-service package for Tax Authorities on the market today. With the Multi Data Exchange Solution, countries are prepared for the future and able to comply quickly with the complex international data exchange requirements.


  • Complete – A full package for Tax Authorities to adequately manage the full AEOI process for FATCA, CRS and other treaties.
  • Compliance – Be in full compliance with complex rules across multiple partner jurisdictions now and in the future. The MDES provides the right tools to monitor FFI compliance with the reporting requirements.
  • Efficient – Minimal implementation and operational footprint on the organization, leaves time for core business.
  • Pricing – MDES is a manageable cost effective solution with different pricing options (fixed versus variable) and contains no surprises compared to built-in-house solutions.
  • Time – MDES can be implemented and live within weeks to meet all stringent deadlines.
  • Service – MDES enables Tax Authorities to give world-class service to all their FFIs and help them comply with the complex data exchange of all their customer’s accounts.





  • 24/7 availability through web portal
  • Tax Authority’s and FFI’s reporting administration covered
  • Full audit trail and history tracking built in
  • Out-of-the-box support for fully automated alerts/notifications processing
  • Built in compliance tracking tools set (dashboard, overviews, reports)
  • Expandable modular design for data exchange not limited to FATCA and CRS (for example EUSD)
  • Modern web application with fully customizable look’n’feel
  • Supports manual entry,file (XML, CSV) and/or system-to-system support
  • Self-service external user management
  • Multiple XML schema versions support (past-present-future)
  • System-to-system communication with multiple partner jurisdiction’s services and external local registries compatible

Developed especially for Tax Authorities
This solution is developed from the viewpoint of a Tax Authority and built around an optimized data sharing process with a minimal footprint on the organization. It supports tax officials in gathering information, sorting it and sharing it with the appropriate countries.

Operational within weeks
The Multi Data Exchange Solution is designed to operate in a near-full automatic mode within weeks, with minimal training and useful user documentation.

Learn More

Tax authorities get a global grip on tax evaders

In the MDES implementation process in Curaçao, BearingPoint is working closely with both the Curaçao and Dutch Tax Authorities. Two Dutch experts, who are involved in the process, wrote a comprehensive article on the benefits, challenges and best practices on implementing of Automatic Exchange of Information.
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