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We offer solutions specifically designed to manage government processes. Legislation and best practices are embedded in the software for superior service and enhanced compliance. Civil servants and citizens experience a drastic improvement when using these solutions.

Turn vision into reality.
Our smart islands approach is not only a vision and a strategy, but more importantly we can deliver on the related fundamentals and requirements with proven solutions.






SmartGovernments platform

When working with governments on the Smart Island approach, we encountered a need for supporting tools. Therefore we initiated the SmartGovernments platform:

  1. to translate government vision into concrete and achievable government initiatives (SmartVision)
  2. to initiate projects effectively (SmartStart)
  3. to offer a single-view issue-escalating and progress-tracking dashboard for government initiatives (SmartDashboard) and for economic development (SmartEconomy)

This cloud-based platform is available online at no costs to governments. Based on input and feedback of users we will further extend the functionality.

Smart Start








We leverage the business process platform (BPM) concept to drastically improve government processes. The Be Informed platform fully matches our ambition, it’s an exceptional good fit for the government’s administrative and knowledge-intensive processes. The workflow of governmental processes has never been this easy.

Advantages of the Be Informed Platform

intelligent_systems Business_language easy_to_adapt_and_maintain step_by_step_development Fast-track


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