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The technology behind our software solutions is the Be Informed platform, an award-winning platform for Business Process Management. Be Informed is a rules-driven Robotic Process Automation platform that excels in supporting complex processes, automating knowledge work, and dealing with contextual data. With this technology, the speed and efficiency of processing routine cases is drastically increased. Processing of complex cases is supported by Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), removing repetitive, replicable, and routine tasks.

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Features and benefits of Be Informed

Intelligent, knowledge-based systems.
Legislation and internal procedures are built into the system. The system can decide on cases and steps in the process flow based on pre-defined business rules.

Model-driven decisions.
Decisions are captured using modeling tools, with which highly intuitive and human-readable constraints-based knowledge models can be defined. By modeling in everyday business language instead of writing in programming code, users are able to take ownership to a great extent and remain in control.

Dynamic Case Management.
The benefit of working with models is that workflows, screens, and forms are created dynamically. Instead of having to walk through the whole process, users are able to only carry out the steps that are relevant to the case.

Easy and speedy adaptation.
Functionality is modeled instead of programmed, which offers the possibility to re-use models for the same type of process in another department or organization. Also, the generic part of the system does not need to be adapted when laws change, only the knowledge models are adjusted accordingly.

Necessary changes due to new legislation or policy are easily incorporated in the corresponding models. Old and new legislation can co-exist and cases will be treated according to the relevant legislation.

User involvement.
Users are heavily involved in the process of modeling and remain in full control.

Models can be exported into documents anytime. Up-to-date system documentation is no longer an additional responsibility, it’s a given.

Visibility and traceability.
Case workers are supported in their daily tasks by automatically logging all events and modifications in the case. This audit trail includes the information used, as well as what, when, and by whom the decisions were made. Highly customizable dashboards, reports, and graphs provide real-time management information automatically.

Step-by-step development.
Be Informed solutions have a modular set-up. Each module can be implemented on a stand-alone basis, making it possible to develop them in a step-by-step manner. Be Informed solutions can be integrated with existing systems and other technology platforms, providing clients maximum flexibility in their decision-making.


The Multi Business Analytics Solution (MBAS) is powered by SAS, a market leader in Advanced Analytics and regular Business Intelligence capabilities. The front-end of these solutions are developed with SAS Visual Analytics (SAS VA). Visual Analytics makes it possible to visualize data from multiple source systems in an intuitive manner. Besides dashboards and dynamic reports, SAS VA provides business users and analysts with self-service analytical capabilities in the form of data explorations. Based on the data items a user wants to analyze, SAS VA will automatically determine what the best visualization should be for the selected information. Of course, business analysts have the freedom to choose from a large variety of regular and advanced visualization types. This makes it possible to obtain insights quickly and make better informed decisions based on facts derived from data that has been gathered from one or more source systems.

Visual Analytics empowers users to predict future events based on historical data, even if they don’t have a statistical background. This leads to critical information that is needed to resolve business issues and pro-actively steer an organization in the right direction. Furthermore, data analytics play an important role in taxpayer profiling.

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