Multi Data Exchange Solution

The solution to eliminate cross-border tax evasion

Governments lose billions each year to cross-border tax evasion. As a result, governments are adopting international standards for automated exchange of information (AEOI). It is crucial that the technical solutions implemented by tax authorities to exchange data meet all requirements of the organizations imposing the new regulations, like the IRS and the OECD.

The Multi Data Exchange Solution (MDES) is a true full-service package for tax authorities. With the MDES, countries are prepared for the future and able to comply quickly with the complex international data exchange requirements.

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Features and benefits of the Multi Data Exchange Solution (MDES)

  • Offers a full package for tax authorities to adequately manage the full AEOI process for FATCA, CRS, CbC, ETR and other treaties.
  • Assists you in being fully compliant with complex rules across multiple partner jurisdictions, now and in the future.
  • Requires minimal implementation and operational footprint within the organization, leaving time for core business.
  • Enables tax authorities to give world-class service to all their FFIs and helps them comply with the complex data exchange of all their customer’s accounts.
  • Offers out-of-the-box support with fully automated alerts and notifications processing.
  • Features built-in compliance tracking tools (dashboard, overviews, reports).
  • A manageable, cost-effective solution with different pricing options (perpetual or subscription fee license), which doesn’t contain any surprises compared to built-in-house solutions.
  • Can be implemented and live within weeks to meet all deadlines.

How it works?

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A closer look at the Multi Data Exchange Solution

Watch the online demo below to take a closer look at the features of MDES, and which processes the solution supports. Want to find out more about the possibilities that the Multi Data Exchange Solution can offer your organization? Contact us or request a tailored 1-on-1 demo, during which we can further demonstrate the solution and answer your questions.

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