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Government cash flow is negatively impacted when taxes, social security contributions, and license fees are not collected timely. It is a time-consuming process involving the correct application of various rules, regulations, and policies. BearingPoint has captured the complexity of the process and has simplified it to be fully automated, and when needed, the system provides easy-to-manage manual steps for the various organizations across governmental departments.

The Multi Collection Solution (MCS) supports organizations with the collection and payments to and from individuals and businesses. With it, you are in full control of your public finance.

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Features and benefits of the Multi Collection Solution (MCS)

  • System for structural improvements of the collection process.
  • Specific approach to fast-track elimination of backlogs.
  • Includes functionality for retributions and other payments to citizens and businesses.
  • Forecasting functionality for insights into the collectability of outstanding debts and related multi-year cash flow forecasts.
  • Work-flow optimization with assigned workload allocation to users.
  • Debtor information, payments, document creation and communications in one user-friendly system.
  • Complete and detailed overview of debtors, payments, claims, summons, and distress warrants.
  • Tailored solution modeled to your legislative environment, easily adaptable for future legislation adjustments.
  • Integrated accounting and audit trail with daily fully automated reconciliations.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other existing systems, for instance for taxes, customs, fines or student loans.
  • Can be implemented as an add-on for the Multi Tax Solution, the Multi Benefit Solution or the Multi Permit Solution.

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A closer look at the Multi Collection Solution

Watch the online demo below to take a closer look at the features of MCS, and which processes the solution supports. Want to find out more about the possibilities that the Multi Collection Solution can offer your organization? Contact us or request a tailored 1-on-1 demo, during which we can further demonstrate the solution and answer your questions.

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