Multi Business Analytics Solution

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In a fast-paced world where governments deal with an abundance of data from their citizens, the need to better understand this information has become vital. BearingPoint has developed the Multi Business Analytics Solution (MBAS) to help you gain better insights in the data, allowing you to optimize processes and make well-informed decisions. For example, excellent taxpayer profiling based on data analytics enables you to work smarter by refocusing your attention and enforcement to the non-compliant cases.  

The fully integrated suite connects to our other core domain solutions of our Public Services Platform, but can also be linked to external sources. Developed on the SAS Platform with the business user in mind, MBAS offers business intelligence reports, business analytics explorations, and models that fully match your organization's needs.

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Features and benefits of the Multi Business Analytics Solution (MBAS)

  • Designed with the business user in mind, enabling users with minimal technical skills to perform high-end analyses that would otherwise be performed by data scientists.
  • Performance tracking with use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and dashboards with the possibility to zoom in from aggregated data all the way to detailed information.
  • Unlocks the full potential of your data, enhancing your ability to manage your organization on a tactical and strategic level.
  • Combines data from multiple (internal and external) sources in a well-defined, always up-to-date data warehouse, removing discrepancies so that one version of the truth is delivered.
  • Proven approach to fight non-compliance in the tax domain, with advanced forecasting techniques and intelligent process automation.
  • Contains a fully integrated suite of business intelligence reports, business analytics explorations and models.
  • Allows for ad hoc analyses with easy access to data in a timely and consistent manner, without having to request support from IT.
  • Can be implemented as an add-on for the Multi Tax Solution, the Multi Collection Solution or the Multi Permit Solution.
  • Incorporates extensive domain knowledge, ensuring the reports and analyses fully match the needs of the organization.

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