Multi Benefit Solution

The solution to manage the growth rate of social benefits costs

Countries today face an increase in social security and national health insurance costs, resulting in unsustainable contributions from citizens, businesses, and governments. Forecasting and managing these trends is extremely important. It calls for clever and efficient solutions that help to oversee the growth rate of both social benefits.

BearingPoint has developed the Multi Benefit Solution (MBS), a system that enables governments to streamline the delivery of benefits to citizens in compliance with legislation and regulations. It eliminates redundant workflows and enables governments to better manage the efficiency of social benefits.

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Features and benefits of the Multi Benefit Solution (MBS)

  • Compiles all social security regulations in one system (sickness, maternity, funeral grant, unemployment, old age, disability, survivors, non-contributory old age pension, etc).
  • Provides ability to cross-check data of beneficiaries to monitor their overall compliance: connecting the dots between taxes, social benefits, and permits.
  • Includes the processing of national health insurance regulations.
  • Analyzes trends with use of data analytics and simulation models.
  • Streamlines the interaction with citizens, employers, and health providers through intelligent online portals.
  • All-in-one system that supports the actions and interaction between all parties involved, eliminating redundant workflows.
  • Incorporates all legislation and internal procedures, guiding users step-by-step through often-complicated regulations related to eligibility.
  • Supports levy and collection of social security contributions by linking to our Multi Tax Solution and Multi Collection Solution, or through additional built-in functionalities.

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