Robust, flexible, and user-friendly solution for explorative data analysis


The Tax Authorities of the Caribbean Netherlands (B/CN) implements the tax laws and regulations for the three special municipalities of the Netherlands: Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Eustatius. The tax administration has various tasks, such as levying and collecting government taxes, supervising compliance with tax laws and regulations, and collecting certain island levies. The Customs Department supervises, among other things, the fiscal provisions for the import, export, and transit of goods.

Key highlights


  • Lack of integral view of both current and historical facts
  • Dependence on IT developers for production of information provision
  • Little room for ad hoc analyses
  • Inability for ad hoc analyses to be executed in a timely and efficient manner
  • Static Excel reports only allow for historic views
  • Inability to conduct explorative and forecasting analysis


  • A central data warehouse with automatic data collection and storage
  • A prepared and extendable data set
  • A separate reporting and analysis environment


  • Ability to fully report and analyze across different business processes
  • A 360-degree customer view with use of developed data set
  • Ability to derive interconnections and trends from data, which can be used for predictions
  • Easy detection of discrepancies
  • Increased effectiveness and self-reliance of employees with flexible and user-friendly solution