Online portal for e-filing of multiple tax types for the Tax Department of Curaçao


The Inspectorate of Taxes of Curaçao is responsible for the levying of most of the taxes for the government of Curaçao. This includes income tax, turnover tax, wage tax and social security contributions, real estate tax, and profit tax.

Key highlights


  • Difficult and unfriendly process for submitting taxes
  • Low compliance for certain tax types (as low as 40% for the turnover tax in certain segments)
  • Cumbersome and inefficient processing of tax returns


An online application portal with the Multi Tax Solution for taxpayers (businesses and individuals) and employees of the Inspectorate to increase the compliance of taxpayers.


  • The first .cw website in Curaçao to obtain an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate
  • Addition of advanced authorization functionality for representatives
  • Guidance, training, and stakeholder communication as an integral part of the project to increase compliance
  • Shorter turn-around time for processing tax returns and less people standing in line
  • Number of online business and private users almost doubled in one year
  • Dramatic increase of almost 200% in tax returns submitted online by businesses
  • At least 180,000 pages of tax forms less to be entered manually in the back-office