Automated processing of entry permits for the Immigration Department of Curaçao


The Multi Permit Solution was designed to support the entire government in the field of licensing and permitting. Governments can eliminate red tape and achieve substantial efficiency gains in the future and generate highly useful management information. Better insights will enable a higher quality of service to the community, as well as enabling the government to effectively enforce compliance with its legislation.

Key highlights


  • Highly manual and time-consuming permitting process
  • Applications were prone to mistakes
  • Large number of backlogs
  • Lack of management information for monitoring and control


  • Introduction of Multi Permit Solution for online applications and partially automated assessment and validation. Full front office and back office work flow support.


  • Elimination of walk-ins with online data-entry and uploading done by applicants
  • Decrease of incomplete and incorrect applications
  • Better insights on bottlenecks in the process
  • Significantly less processing time in handling permit requests
  • Integration of new legislation and updated organizational processes
  • Successful deployment in 4 months