Taxand review in ‘final stages’ on St. Maarten


PHILIPSBURG--Government Accountants Bureau (SOAB) is wrapping up the judicial review of the process used by former Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto, to hire and pay United Kingdom-based Taxand.

Finance Minister Roland Tuitt said during Wednesday's Council of Ministers' Press Conference that the review is in the "final stages." The review is costing government some NAf. 50,000.

More than NAf. 3 million in outstanding payments to Taxand by government are still on hold.
The hold was placed over two months ago in an attempt to get an outline of the Taxand tax compliance project that was initiated by Shigemoto.

No contract for the project, which includes the building of a new tax structure for the country, has been signed, although some payments have been made to the company.

Taxand has been a point of heated debate in Parliament since the fall of the United People's (UP) party/Democratic Party/Illidge coalition in early May. The outcry has centered on the US $11 million price tag for the tax reform project and alleged family ties between the company and the former minister's cabinet.