St. Maarten parliament receives annual report 2011 from Audit Chamber


PHILIPSBURG--Acting Chairman of the General Audit Chamber Ronald Halman and Secretary General Joane Dovale-Meit presented the 2011 Annual Report to President of Parliament Gracita Arrindell, on Wednesday.

The presentation was in accordance with Article 38 of the National Ordinance for the General Audit Chamber, which requires the annual report to be presented to Parliament and Governor no later than July 1.

The report is in English and Dutch and covers position of the institution, tasks and authorities, staff, institutional development, governmental relationships, cooperation, operations, audits, regulatory audit on personnel expenditures, financial audit annual accounts 2010, service level agreements and framework for core business.

Arrindell commended the board for its job, "We need to continue to strengthen our high councils of state internally and continue to forge and strengthen their relationship with similar organisations within and outside of the Kingdom of The Netherlands."

The General Audit Chamber and Ombudsman have been very active in this area. "It is very important for our young institutions to build relations with others," she added.

Arrindell has invited the General Audit Chamber and the Ombudsman to Parliament to discuss their annual report. These meetings will be scheduled after the Parliament recess in July.

Personalised copies of the report for each Member of Parliament will be distributed through the Parliament Secretariat.
The other members of the General Audit Chamber are: Alphons Gumbs and replacement members Mark Kortenoever and Daniel Hassell. Former chairman, Roland Tuitt, now serves as Minister of Finance.

The governor will receive a copy of the report on Friday, the same day the report will be available on the General Audit Chamber's website:

Development of the annual report was completed in-house with production financed via Dutch funding agency USONA.