St. Maarten Ministery of Justice signs partnerschip agreement with Miami Dade School of Justice

Duncan announces partnership with School of Justice in Miami

FRIDAY, 18 MAY 2012

~ Boost for Community Policing ~

PHILIPSBURG--Minister of Justice Roland Duncan formally announced at a press conference at the Cabinet on Illidge Road on Wednesday, May 16, that a partnership agreement had been signed between the Ministry of Justice and Miami Dade School of Justice.

The aims of this partnership are to harness a superior image of Justice, with the desire to make law enforcement more accessible to all, foster ideals of maintaining a more sustainable future for law enforcement, and deliver a Justice service that is extraordinary and exceptional, a press release from the Minister stated.

Miami Dade School of Justice Director Hector Garcia has many years of experience in the field of Justice, not to mention the School of Justice’s massive track record in delivering top-of-the-line law enforcement officers for global clients.

Police officers Hellen Christiana-Romeo, Edualdus Josepha, Felix Richards, Michael-Angelo Sylvania and Juan Statie who were designated as Community Police officers on May 1, will start the Community Policing CCOP course in the next two weeks and are expected to finish by the end of July.

The course includes an internship in Miami, Florida, where the officers will receive practical experience while training. After completing the course, they will be functioning in the areas of Lowlands, Philipsburg (including Pointe Blanche and Fort Willem), St. Peters (including South Reward, Betty’s Estate, etc.), Dutch Quarter and Middle Region, the press release continued.

All contact information such as phone numbers, Twitter accounts and e-mail accounts of the police officers mentioned will be published in the media during the course of next week. A second group of designated Community Police officers will begin their course in July and are scheduled to complete it in October.

In addition to the Community Policing programme, the Ministry is exploring other possibilities for cooperation with Miami Dade School of Justice for further upgrading of its staff, with emphasis on the uniformed services Immigration and Naturalisation IND, Prison, Police and Customs.