St. Maarten Justice Ministry introduces “foreigner cards”

POSTED: 06/14/12

St. Maarten – Secretary General of the Immigration and Naturalization Department Udo Aron says the department is preparing to issue “foreigner cards” to people who require residence permits. The new cards are meant to eliminate the need for people to carry their permits with them at all times and to ensure that people do not need to laminate the documents to protect them.

The new cards will be the same size as the regular identification cards and will carry particular security features so the card cannot be forged. People will be able to use the card during visits to the Civil Registry and can be presented to police during immigration controls.

Creating the new cards is part of a process to improve service at the Immigration Department. Another key element is opening a customer service department in the building behind the Immigration and Naturalization office on the A. Th. Illidge Road.

“We are now waiting for the connection of the water and light before we occupy the building. The furniture and computers are already in place and the personnel are trained and will ease some of the pressure off the staff that is presently working in the department. This new office will also facilitate persons who may need extension of visa, and in event tourist want information with regard to the immigration policy,” Aron said.

The new office will have dedicated and direct lines. People will be able to call in and ask questions. The department has also set up a complaint procedure. People can either call in their issue or send an e-mail.