SER presents St. Maarten premier Wescot-Williams with crime prevention advice


PHILIPSBURG--The Social Economic Council SER submitted an advice entitled "The Need for Community Based Crime Prevention Programmes" to Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams on Wednesday. The advice describes the development of petty and violent crime within the community and analyses the social and economic cost related to the crime level.
Based on this cost, SER advises government to implement a community-based crime-prevention programme called "Communities That Care" in the communities that have a Community Help Desk established such as St. Peters, Cole Bay and Dutch Quarter.

SER also advises making sufficient funds available from the relevant Ministries to implement the full programme for a period of at least four years and during the programme to reimburse members of the community boards to secure sustainable investment and cooperation amongst all stakeholders.

Wescot-Williams commended the initiative by SER, making use of its role as advisor to government on request or on its own initiative. "This initiative fits in government's overall vision of community-building and outreach, and fighting crime remains a high priority on the national agenda."

"Crime prevention takes time and an involved community," according to SER, which further recommends seeking additional funding from the European Development Fund to guarantee the prevention programme "Communities That Care" and strive for a safe and secure St. Maarten.

The Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, the Minister of Healthcare, Social Development and Labour and the Minister of Justice also received copies of the report.