Reinforcements for police BES-islands ‘on the way’


BONAIRE--The promised reinforcements for the Police Corps Caribbean Netherlands KPCN have finally been arranged.
By October the force will certainly be expanded with seven people from the Dutch Royal Military Police who will be deployed temporarily on Bonaire in the investigation service. Dick Schoof, corps manager and deputy Secretary of Police with the Ministry of Safety and Justice assured such.

He had made the promise for reinforcements from The Netherlands during a lightning visit to Bonaire in November 2011, following a crime wave. Several weeks later Minister of Justice and Safety, Ivo Opstelten confirmed this promise during the opening of the new building of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Kralendijk.
Originally, per February 2012, five officers from The Netherlands were to assist the corps with investigations. However, so far this had not taken place.

Schoof admitted this, saying there had been a hitch in The Netherlands as a result of which the implementation of the plan was delayed. He did not want to elaborate on the problem, but said it had been solved in the meantime and the first reinforcement can be expected within short.

It regards people from the Royal Military Police who are to assist in the investigation service. The rest, approximately five to seven men extra, will follow later this year.
Even with these reinforcements KPCN will not yet have the ideal amount of manpower. Nevertheless, since 10-10-'10 a lot of work is being done to build up the corps, said Schoof.
A new group of police cadets recently received their diplomas. Moreover, the corps is recruiting extra personnel for the basic police service.

These are necessary to guarantee the basic safety of the residents of Bonaire, said Schoof. "We're behind schedule but will make up for lost time," he said.

On his role as corps manager, Schoof explained that this regards both the police and fire-brigade corps Caribbean Netherlands. Minister Opstelten is responsible for these two corps, considering that they are part of his ministry.
Schoof: "In my capacity as deputy Secretary of Police I'm responsible for the entire Dutch police. As from January 1, 2013, the latter will consist of the Corps National Police and the Police Corps Caribbean Netherlands.
"The corps manager takes care of all matters related to personnel, information provision, finances, administrative organisation and housing. The minister is actually the corps manager and everything I do is done on his behalf."