Ministers and civil servants complete Integrity Training on St. Maarten


PHILIPSBURG--The Integrity Dilemma Training for the Council of Ministers and civil servants after several interactive sessions that focused on the importance of trust, credibility, paradigms and principles that will help when making integrity-based decisions.

On Thursday, the Ministers' cabinets attended the training and later that day the ministers were part of the session with facilitator Ralston Eric Bennett of Life Transforming Institute (LTI).

Integrity Programme Manager Tammy Richardson of the Department of the Interior and Kingdom Relations is very satisfied with the training and the participation of more than 900 civil servants ranging from the secretaries-general to the cleaners. Representatives of Dutch funding agency USONA, Ombudsman Bureau and the General Audit Chamber were also part of the sessions.

Some goals of the workshop were to increase personal credibility, the courage to stand for principles and getting results in a way that inspires trust and integrity.

The Integrity project is funded by USONA. There are plans for more training and workshops, the intensification of the Integrity Awareness Campaign and the establishment of an Integrity Bureau by year end.