Issuing licence plates St. Maarten now linked to tax information


PHILIPSBURG--Some residents whose information and/or taxes are not up to date will have to visit the Collections section at the Receiver's Office prior to receiving their vehicle licence plates.

Reports reaching The Daily Herald from more than one source said persons were not being issued their plates due outstanding taxes (not specifically road tax).

However, Receiver's Office head Minerva Gumbs explained on Sunday that the Receiver's Office simply required persons to update their information and that the issuance of the licence plates continued.

She explained that if it was determined that a person could not be located by the Tax Department, but presented him- or herself at the Receiver's Office to collect his or her licence plate, that person was requested to visit the Collections section (in the same building) to regulate his or her affairs.

"So we hold the plates to ensure that they actually go," Gumbs said.

When the person returns and the Receiver verifies that he or she actually visited the Collections section, the plates are then issued after payment is made.

It was explained that while the tax reporting system could paint an inaccurate picture, the Receiver's Office was trying to ensure that the affected persons at least report to the department to ensure accuracy.