Directeur Kadaster St. Maarten: 'Ombudsman voor de rechter'

St. Maarten parliamentarian Roy Marlin to seek dismissal Cadastre Director Roos


~ Wants Ombudsman report sent to Parliament ~

PHILIPSBURG--Democratic Party Member of Parliament Roy Marlin said Tuesday that he would seek the removal of Clemens Roos as Director of the Cadastre based on several public complaints, notary complaints and misinterpretations by Roos, which were published by another media house on Tuesday.

Although the report published in the Today newspaper of an argument at the Cadastre office between Independent Member of Parliament (MP) Patrick Illidge, Marlin and Roos did not specifically mention that Roos had been the source of the argument's disclosure, Marlin is convinced that Roos made what he called "the discussion" public.

Stressing that publicising the issue wasn't his main "beef," Marlin said what bothered him the most were implications that he was trying to get Roos to do something unethical and that he had to be lectured to by Roos about how the Cadastre works. He said that, in fact, he had tried to calm the situation in question by intervening, but had received stubborn resistance from Roos.

The issue was apparently about the issuance of a certificate of admeasurement for one Roberto Richardson, who had been instructed to obtain such by the Domain Affairs Department. Roos reportedly declined to issue the certificate, citing certain regulations and fees.

"I do not need a Johnny-come-lately to tell me how the Cadastre works. There are sufficient complaints about this individual that warrant a closer look at his way of running the Cadastre, and that's exactly what we're going to do. And if he doesn't like it, he can pick up and go back to where he came from," Marlin said.

Marlin said he would request the Ombudsman to forward to Parliament the report on the investigation into the Cadastre, "because something is wrong."

He said Roos' attitude towards people and officials such as the Ombudsman was completely unacceptable and his running of the Cadastre was not in the best interest of the people. Marlin said he had worked with several Cadastre directors when he had been Commissioner and had worked to elevate the Cadastre to its current standing, prior to Roos' tenure.
Marlin said he had always been patient when dealing with civil servants or certain departments in trying to help people and would not accept Roos trying to paint him as something he is not.

On the separate issue of Cadastre fees, an issue that particularly irks notaries, Marlin said that while the Cadastre might be able to increase fees without government's say-so, the discussion must be held with government nonetheless.
"And that goes for the Harbour, GEBE, the airport, the Cadastre – any semi-government institution that provides a service to the community. The services cannot be free, but we cannot sit back as politicians and allow government services to be priced to the point where people cannot pay for the service, because then you push people into doing illegal things," Marlin said.

When contacted for a response and clarification about the issue at hand, Roos declined and stated that as Marlin was seeking his dismissal, all inquiries for response should be directed to the Supervisory Board of the Cadastre. He did say that Marlin "forgets that there were plenty people around when it happened." Roos is appointed by the Supervisory Board.

18 JULI 2012

'Ombudsman St. Maarten voor de rechter'

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