Corporate Governance Council to be re-installed in St. Maarten


PHILIPSBURG--Government has said that the content of the draft new national decree to re-install the Corporate Governance Council (CGC) has been discussed with the CGC and is now ready to go to the Council of Ministers for approval.

This disclosure formed part of the answers presented to Parliament, during the continuation of the Central Committee of Parliament meeting on the 2012 national budget, on Monday. Government added that CGC was meeting with the Ministry of Finance to reach an agreement on the budget.

"Almost a year ago, the first meeting between the working committee, including the chairman of the CGC, met to discuss the money that government made available to the CGC. The chairman did not accept the cheque because, according to him, there was not legal ground for him or any other member to accept the cheque. Since then, the working committee has drafted a "beslisnota" [decision memo-Ed.] to structure the CGC after 10-10-10. The beslisnota included the laws that needed to be changed and published and a draft national decree [landsbesluit-Ed.] to install the CGC again, since the island decree installing the CGC is no longer valid," government explained in its response to questions about the status of the CGC.