Civil register on St. Maarten 60 percent correct

The Civil Registry has decided to see how it can maximize the space in its current building because moving the department or expanding the current building cannot be accomplished. Customers are very often crowded into the small reception area at the front office. (Leo Brown photo)

WEDNESDAY 1 AUGUST 2012, PHILIPSBURG – Efforts by the Civil Registry to clean up the “basic administration” or civil register hit a delay earlier in this. The delay is cited in the May report of the three man committee monitoring the implementation of the plans of approach.
The department informed the committee of the delay, and also that they do not believe it will affect the timely completion of the two year plan. The committee agrees somewhat that the time can be made so they did not offer an opinion of its own and have chosen to see how things continue. At the time of the report the committee posited that the registers were 60 percent correct and asserted that this does not 60 percent of the necessary work has been completed.
“The correction of the remaining errors is expected to cost relatively more time,” the committee states in its report.
There is also a delay in training a GBA specialist and in doing on the job training for staffers. These delays and the one with cleaning up the registry have been discussed with the agency contracted to assist the Civil Registry and they are also expected to be completed on time.
The progress committee remains concerned about the current office of the Civil Registry and regret that neither the option to expand the Civil Registry nor the option to move it somewhere else can be accomplished. The Civil Registry now plans to restructure its existing space in order to come to a new setup.
The committee has also requested that the Minister of General Affairs Sarah Wescot-Williams, the Minister of Justice Roland Duncan and the Minister of Labor Cornelius de Weever come together to discuss bringing together the registry that agencies fall under them maintain. The Civil Registry, which maintains the basic register of all who live here, falls under the ministry of General Affairs while the ministry of justice has a registry of people who have residence permits and the ministry of labor has a registry of people who have employment permits.