Budgetary debate Curaçao to continue today


WILLEMSTAD--The discussion on the budget of country Curaçao was postponed last week until today, Tuesday, at request of government.

Parliament Chairman Ivar Asjes (PS) said he was slightly surprised by the request. After consultation with the general secretary it was decided to resume the meeting Tuesday, December 27, at two o’clock in the afternoon.

The legislature had initially intended to start the budget debate last week Monday, but at the beginning of the meeting government introduced an amendment. The meeting had to be adjourned until Wednesday afternoon, so the members could also read the advice from the Advisory Council and the Committee Financial Supervision CFT.

When the debate resumed on Wednesday afternoon, the meeting continued until after ten in the evening, whereby the members were given the opportunity to ask questions in the first round. Government began answering at 10:00am on Thursday.

This lasted until approximately six o’clock in the evening, followed by the second question round of the members until 11:15pm. Everyone assumed the government would begin answering the questions Friday, but Schotte requested a postponement.

Asjes was actually not pleased with the progress of the budgetary discussions over the past days. He pointed out that government had needed six hours to answer questions.

The Chairman was also not pleased that during the meeting several members mentioned numerous subjects that were not related to the budget. “This is not effective and efficient. What good will these do the citizens who are listening to the meeting? They want to hear what the budget has in store for them. What’s in it for us?

“They expect to hear from the members if the meeting was good or bad and the reason. They expect discussions regarding contents; members who introduce budgetary changes. That does not happen enough and many members discuss unrelated matters.”