Appointment hospital directors stuck at RvM Suriname



Paramaribo - Appointment of hospital directors for various executive positions in healthcare is but a matter of time, Health Minister Celcius Waterberg told Parliament yesterday. Nominations have already been submitted to the Council of Ministers (RvM). The hospital board for the Nickerie Regional Hospital (SZN) has already been selected.

‘Nickerie has a problem. Despite the appointment of a director for the hospital, two individuals keep stalling the process,’ the Minister said. Premdew Lachman, legislator with New Suriname, wondered how two persons could frustrate the interest of a whole community. He was backed by Mahinder Jogi (VHP), who also wondered whether the Minister knew how to deal with the two rogue civil servants. He argued that the Minister’s inactivity leaves him no choice but to conclude that he does not consider the interests of the Nickerie community seriously.

The board of supervisors for the University Hospital has already been appointed. The RvM is yet to take a decision on the main executive position. Nominations for the Regional Health Service,’s Lands Hopitaal and the State Medical Insurance Fund have been submitted with the RvM. For the State Mental Hospital (PCS) the three directors are yet to sign the resolutions.

An acting director was appointed for ‘sLands Hospitaal when Cynthia Rozenblad retired last year. Eddy Joemankan director with AZP retired on 1 February. Erwin Abel who was appointed director of SZN last year resigned in September for reasons unknown.-.