41 per cent of St. Maarten prison population youngsters


POINTE BLANCHE--Almost half of the prisoners housed in Pointe Blanche House of Detention are youngsters between ages 16 and 24, according to the Ministry of Justice.

Justice Minister Roland Duncan reported in response to questions posed in Parliament on the draft 2012 budget that 41per cent (64 members) of the prison population are youngsters. Of that number, 63 are men.

The total prison population stands at 154 persons.

Meanwhile, women outnumber men as Immigration Officers. According to the ministry, of the 15 Immigration Officers, 11 are women. This is the only department in the uniformed services where women are in the lead.

In the Police Department, there are 13 female and 19 male officers.

Of the 11 Customs Officers, five are women.

At the prison, there are four female prison guards of the contingent of ten officers.

The basic police officers BavPol group has 68 members, 33 of whom are women.