VROMI Year Review 2015 Sint Maarten


2015 is qualified as an interesting year for the Ministry of VROMI. The Ministry was established on the day that country Sint Maarten obtained an autonomous status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, on 10 October 2010. At the end of 2015, the Ministry existed for 5 years and 3 months, but had been under the leadership of 6 different ministers during that period, of which in the year 2015, the Ministry of VROMI was led by 3 different ministers. Though this has not been very different for the other ministries of the Government, it requires a strong organization to remain reasonably stable to endure such frequent change of course in such a short period of time, especially during a period when the improvement of the basic functioning of the organization is cardinal.

From the beginning, VROMI was one of the organizational entities of the Government of Sint Maarten that was put under the regime of the so called ‘plan of approach’, aimed at improving especially the management, as well as the functioning of the Ministry. While no longer subject of a ‘plan of approach’ since 2014, and the organization has strived to execute its core tasks at a level deserving of the community of Sint Maarten, continuous improvement of the performance has remained a priority. However, given the above context, coupled with uncertainty about financial resources, 2015 can be qualified as a difficult year.

Notwithstanding, VROMI has been able to make some accomplishments in carrying out its core tasks, as will be further described within this year report. An important accomplishment in 2015 was the approval of the VROMI Ministry Plan 2015 -2018, which has several important strategic objectives for the coming period. In this regard, the core operational priorities are focused into 3 strategic objectives, while special attention and priority is given to the continuing review and improvement of the performance of the organization, as a separate and fourth strategic objective. VROMI maintains the principle that without a good organization, all good intentions are doomed to fail.

This 2015 year report is intended to give a brief and sober review of the activities carried out in 2015, initiatives started, as well as the accomplishments made in the year. It is expected that it can provide an overview of the challenges faced and the resourcefulness of the organization in meeting these challenges. Furthermore, the year report does not aim to be lofty, but to provide information by which the work of the Ministry can be judged during 2015, in the interest of transparency and disclosure.


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