VBC Newsletter December 2016


Mr. Davelaar, president of parliament, Keynote Speaker Mr. Koeiman Prime Minister to be, members of the media, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our annual YEL and the usual short overview of 2016.First of all, we thank you for your support and hope we can continue counting on this support.
This year we had a highlight, which is of course the elections of parliament where we all showed our political preference and this year we had many choices. Soon a new government will be installed and we hope we can look forward towards a stable government for the next 4 years. Just to put some perspective on the last 6 years, we have had no less than 41 ministers instead of the normal 18. According to the Social Cohesian study done by CBS it became apparent that the confidence level in politics, government and parliament is between 2.3% and 4.1% respectively. We can therefor conclude: That stability equals trust. Could this also be a reason why some investors maintain a wait-and-see attitude? Possibly.
However, on a positive note, we are still living in a democratic society with a relative high standard of living and looking across our borders, our population is not constantly confronted with daily protests or shortages of food or like in other parts of the world, with daily bombings. Maybe in that sense, we can call ourselves blessed.
We are also pleased to see that the governing plan of the new coalition has put emphasis on the return of trust in politics via policy that is focused on transparency, integrity, good governance and a fight against corruption.


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