Tourism Action Plan 2016-2018 Saba


The Tourism Action Plan 2016 - 2018 outlines the steps the Public Entity Saba will be taking to enhance tourism on the island. The program is based on input from different stakeholders in the tourism industry on Saba, such as restaurants, dive shops, real estate agents and ferry operators. Stakeholders and experts on St. Maarten were also consulted. The goal of this program is to enhance tourism on Saba, working in cooperation with the various stakeholders.

It is difficult to determine the performance of the tourism industry because reliable figures are presently lacking. But it is safe to state that tourism has been declining in past years. This can be determined from the following developments:
- Two of the three dive shops on Saba are for sale and are barely operational; where we used to have 7 operational dive boats, we now only have two that operate full time.
- In the past 5 years the average number of flights per day has been reduced from five flights to four, and trips by The Edge ferry have decreased from five times a week to three.
- One of the hotels has closed and only a few extra hotel rooms have been created, in terms of short-term rental cottages.
- According to information received from the Saba Marine Park, the amount of dives per year has decreased in recent years.

Based on the above points, it can be concluded that steps need to be taken to revive tourism on Saba with or without accurate statistical information. In the meantime, statistics will be gathered via our Economic Affairs department, and the importance of reliable statistical information will continue to be stressed with CBS.


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