Technology as a catalyst: a vision on Curacao

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We live in a world in which technology has rapidly evolved and technological advancements cascade across every industry. We live in a time when digital technologies cause wide-scale disruption and customer expectations are completely redefined. As the pace of change and innovation continue to accelerate, the ability to adapt and transform is more critical than ever before.

Although there are some promising initiatives on their way, Curacao and many countries in the Caribbean have yet to tap into the full potential of the digital revolution. Success in the digital future will depend on Curacao’s ability to implement innovative digital technologies. It’s do or die – the world is changing and we cannot miss the boat. Better yet, the digital revolution presents us with great opportunities and we have the chance to be at the forefront of our region.

BearingPoint Caribbean believes the transformation of Curacao begins with the public sector. Reshaping Curacao’s public services into a digital government will act as a catalyst for our digital future. A Smart Government makes use of more transparent, integrated and efficient automated processes. Making it possible to connect the dots when individuals or businesses interact with the government, either by paying taxes, qualifying for social security benefits or requesting a government permit or license. The government obtains a comprehensive 360-degree view of the population leaving no room for inconsistencies. The result: higher productivity, lower costs of operations and better enforcement.

A Smart Government also creates value for individuals and businesses, making it easier for them to interact and engage with the government. Make it simple to do the right thing and, in turn, further enhance compliancy. BearingPoint Caribbean specializes in the digitalization of governments and offers technology solutions that help to create superior public services. Every day we bear witness to the impact of digital transformation. A Smart Government is in better control of its administration and has the tools to obtain a balanced budget and a healthy financial state of affairs.

A digital Curacao starts with a digital government. Successfully utilizing digital technologies will lead to more government revenue, making it able to invest in sustainable development and economic growth. It raises funds that can be used across all industries to further seize the opportunities the digital revolution brings.

Let’s push boundaries, overcome obstacles and pave the way for our digital future. For public services, for businesses and citizens, for Curacao.


This article was originally published in November 2017 as an editorial by BearingPoint Caribbean in Visions on Curacao, a magazine published by Curaçao Investment and Export promotion Agency (CINEX)

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