Supply Side of the Labour Market Curaçao: Labour Force Survey 2016


Since 1987, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has been conducting Labour Force Survey (LFS) in Curaçao annually to provide reliable statistical information on the supply side of the labour market. Today, a variety of data on the employed, unemployed, and the economically not active population is being collected during the LFS.

Developments on the labour force are not stationary. The size of the labour force may increase, decrease or remain unchanged. This depends on several factors. Some examples of factors that can affect the labour force are demographic factors, the number of available jobs and developments of the economy. It is unknown whether the labour force in Curaçao fluctuates within a year. Therefore, for the first time, two LFS were carried out in 2016 to get insight in developments within one year. A survey was conducted in the first half of the year (March–April; LFS 2016-1), while the other survey was conducted in the second half of the year (September–October; LFS 2016-2).

Preliminary figures of LFS 2016-1 showed that the unemployment rate in March-April 2016 remained practically unchanged in comparison to September-October 2015. In this report, results of the LFS 2016-2 (September-October 2016 survey) will be presented and compared to the results of September-October LFS 2014 and 2015.

The report is divided into three parts. The first part gives an introduction on the topic of labour market. The second part describes the methodology, and the third part of the report covers the results of the LFS 2016-2.

The CBS of Curaçao hopes that this report meets the needs of users for up-to-date and comprehensive information on the supply side of the labour market and that the results will be used by stakeholders in the public as well as the private sector.

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