Sint Maarten Governing Program 2018-2022

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As a result of the election on February 26, 2018, the United Democratic Party (UD) and the St. Maarten Christian Party (SMCP) formed the Sint Maarten United Christian Democratic Coalition to embrace a new era, focused on "Building a Sustainable Sint Maarten," that will lead to a prosperous and safe nation for all.

To achieve this, the government will focus on these key priorities:

Setting it right

Putting Sint Maarten back on track
• Enforce disaster preparedness & long-term management plan
• Facilitate urgent home & school repairs
• Clean-up landfills & coastal waters & island-wide clean-up
• Establish waste & sewage management division under umbrella of GEBE
• Invest in financial reconstruction & restoring of infrastructure

Revive and restore

Rebuilding with emphasis on sustainability
• Stimulate entrepreneurship & job creation
• Establish an economic masterplan & introduce incentive programs for (small) businesses
• Restore Princess Juliana International Airport to full operation & realize USA pre-clearance
• Create more homes
• Diversify economy & promote tourism industry

Restructuring Government

Improving efficiency & providing better public service
• Review & strengthen government apparatus
• Modernize IT operations & techonology
• Introduce electoral reform & implement the Integrity Chamber
• Practice sound financial management, strengthen Tax Office & improve compliance
• Strengthen collaboration with Saint Martin & Kingdom partners

Safety and Security

Upgrading public protection & national security
• Restore & improve street lighting, road signs & improve pedestrian safety
• Introduce more community policing, provide equipment and advance training for the police officers
• Strengthen & upgrade uniformed & disciplinary organizations
• Construct a modern detention & rehabilitation center
• Review the possibility of establishing a legal path to citizenship

Health and social well-being

Promoting health & well-being in our own lives
• Complete the hospital project
• Determine the poverty line & assess social welfare benefits
• Accelerate innovation in education
• Promote the 50th Anniversary celebration of carnival
• Improve youth development, upgrade sports facilities & develop sports programs

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Sint Maarten Governing Program 2018-2022

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