SER Sint Maarten Annual report 2015


The annual report 2015, covers the period from January 1st up to and including December 31st, 2015.
In this annual report, we have outlined the activities and achievements of our fourth year1 of operation.

In 2015, the Council continued with its mission statement by advising the government on two solicited advice. The first advice concerned the national decree, containing general measures, regarding the price indexation National Ordinance Accident Insurance and National Sickness Insurance Ordinance 2015. The second advice dealt with the national decree, containing general measures, regarding the expansion of General Insurance Special Medical Costs care and elderly care.

The SER also submitted two unsolicited advice in the year under review. The advice titled ‘Boost Sint Maarten’ concerned an introduction of a Conditional Cash Transfer program (CCT). The aim is to reduce poverty and to stimulate the human capacity development of the poor at the same time.
In another advice, the SER also looked at pros and cons of the Turnover Tax (TOT). SER advised government not to raise the rate of TOT to meet future budget demands on the revenue side. For an elaborate explanation on the abovementioned advices, I refer you to the appendix.

Another aspect of the SER, is the organization of public conferences and workshops on socio-economic matters of concern. In October the SER took part in the ‘Information Village’ which was held at the Festival Village on Pond Island. The Information Village was organized by the High Councils of State in collaboration with the seven Ministries of government. The event was held to raise more awareness amongst the public on the role and responsibilities of the various government departments, High Councils and the SER. Additionally, in collaboration with the University of St. Martin (USM), the SER organized a lecture titled “Education as an Emancipation tool in a Hospitality based island”.


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