Report Administrative Appointments Sint Maarten 2016


The Board of the General Audit Chamber approved the project “Administrative Appointments” in 2016. With this project, the General Audit Chamber investigates which persons occupy supervisory board member positions (or similar functions) from 2014 going forward. In conducting this investigation, we focus on the actions of the respective minister responsible for appointments. The minister who represents a government entity is one of the responsible parties (if not the most important party), and must - at all times - be able to provide insight into the appointment process. Political appointments, conflicts of interest and dishonest acts should be avoided. The objective should be the placement of the most qualified person(s) in (a) suitable position(s). This is particularly necessary in the case of government owned companies where remittances to government can amount to millions. In other words, there is a lot at stake. As with our 2014 report entitled “Baseline Study Sint Maarten, state of affairs institutional integrity management 2014”, we once again address the topic of integrity.


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