Quick Scan Crime Prevention Fund Sint Maarten 2018


The General Audit Chamber has published the results of the Quickscan Crime Prevention Fund for Sint Maarten.

Basis for Investigation

The Fund’s objective is financing crime prevention projects. The Fund is managed by the Minister of Justice. Because the Fund’s income and expenditures were not correctly and completely accounted for in the 2015 Financial Statement, a review is appropriate. Though we intended to use the 2016 Financial Statement for our investigation, we were unable to do so, because the document is not yet available. The most recent financial information available can be found in the 2015 Financial Statement and is therefore the basis for our investigation.

Objective Quick Scan

Our objective is to develop an overall impression of:

• the size of the Fund
• its legal compliance
• as well as its financial management.

In addition, we reviewed areas that could benefit from improvement.


At the end of 2016, the balance reported was ANG 1,441,418.41. We emphasize that the information obtained was not drawn up in accordance with relevant regulations and is unaudited. As a consequence, we cannot unequivocally confirm the size of the fund for fiscal year 2016.

Our investigation reveals a lack of legal compliance, inadequate financial management, and a Minister of Justice who is not 'in control'.2 Consequently, there is a risk that allocation of funds in 2016, may not have occurred in keeping with the objective of the Fund, which constitutes legal non-compliance, or violation of the relevant regulations.

Find the recommendations of the General Audit Chamber and more details about their review under the button:

Number of pages 20 • Language English • Country Sint Maarten

Find a Dutch version of the report here:

Bron: Algemene Rekenkamer Sint Maarten
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