Newsletter March 2016 Chamber of Commerce St. Maarten


Taking notice of global developments, this edition of the Newsletter focusses on the impact of terrorism on Tourism. The articles focus on preparations and preventive measures to be initiated in an effort to mitigate the potential occurrence of acts of terrorism and the impact of acts of terrorism. It is a fact that these acts are undertaken in a non-discriminatory manner, as they relate to the locations of occurrence action, the actions otherwise very discriminatory as they are directed against all not fighting for Jihad. Whilst COCI remains a-political we must underscore that no country is safeguarded against such attacks or the effects of such attacks.

We must be vigilant that our country is not utilized in any form or fashion in support of such acts of terror. As a nation we have must work to do, to safeguard our livelihood, which is put at risk by global events. As small as we are we can positively contribute, through ensuring compliance with FATCA standards and with MOT regulations by all conducting business in our country.

Implementing measures to enable compliance with the RICHTLIJN (EU) 2015/849 VAN HET EUROPEES PARLEMENT EN DE RAAD, of May 20, 2015, to be enacted by 2017 by our country will be advocated. COCI will formulate proposals to amend current laws regulating the registry to ensure that the FATF recommendations regarding the maintenance of Shareholder registers and Ultimate Beneficiary Ownership registers are complied with in St. Maarten. Irrespective of our size and location we have a role to play, one that should commence without further delay.


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