Monthly Bulletin January 2017 Aruba


Developments during the month of January 2017.

In January 2017 money supply increased by Afl. 38.8 million to Afl. 4,205.3 million, compared to December 2016, resulting from an Afl. 58.7 million expansion in net foreign assets1 and an Afl. 19.8 million contraction in net domestic assets.

Money, as a component of broad money, rose by Afl. 56.6 million to Afl. 2,307.0 million, as demand deposits registered a growth of Afl. 57.7 million, while currency in circulation marked a decrease of Afl. 1.0 million. The growth in demand deposits was the consequence of increases in deposits denominated in both Aruban florin and foreign currency of Afl. 51.4 million and Afl. 6.3 million, respectively. Quasi‐money declined by Afl. 17.8 million to Afl. 1,898.3 million, as time deposits denominated in Aruban florin recorded a fall of Afl. 23.1 million, while savings deposits denominated in Aruban florin marked a rise of Afl. 4.1 million.


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