General Audit Chamber Sint Maarten 2016 Annual Report


What is expected of the General Audit Chamber? In a perfect world, the General Audit Chamber would maintain a synergetic relationship with Parliament, the body to which we report.
Though both Parliament and the General Audit Chamber are separate, autonomous institutions, they both support the existence of effective government. Parliament has a critical role in our system; it provides oversight of the executive branch. The effectiveness of Parliament’s supervision is increased when the audits of the General Audit Chamber are used.

The General Audit Chamber’s ability to support and promote effective government is enhanced when we can present and discuss important audit results, that in turn stimulates Parliament and government to take the required actions to correct shortcomings.


Annual Report

The General Audit Chamber is required by law to submit an annual report concerning its activities of the previous year, to the Governor and the Parliament prior to July 1st. The annual report must also include a review of the significant information arising from audits. Information contained in our report can be used by Parliament in support of their supervision of the activities of government.
Our annual report reviews the period from January 1st, 2016, up to and including December 31st, 2016.

Activities of 2016

What did we accomplish in 2016? In chapter 2, we present details about our institution including our tasks and authorities. The operational activities for fiscal year 2016 are summarized in chapter 3, along relevant updates related to our recommendations and findings. We also provide a brief review of institutional developments in Chapter 3. We conclude our report with financial information in chapter 4. The information includes a discussion of the budget realization for fiscal year 2016. We also provide a restatement of the results of fiscal year 2015.

The annual report can be downloaded under the button:

Number of pages 14 • Language English • Country Sint Maarten

Bron: Algemene Rekenkamer Sint Maarten
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