Financial Recovery Plan Sint Maarten 2018 -2022


For the Sint Maarten government to achieve their goals in the Governing program (including our plans, policies, NRRP) and thereby achieve their objectives as intended for Sint Maarten, they need to recover financially in order to fund and continue funding all their initiatives & investments.

Therefore, within a good public financial management framework, Sint Maarten needs to:

  1. Baseline: Where we are financially
  2. Recognize: What are the risks we face
  3. Envision: What are our objectives
  4. Realize: How will we achieve our objectives

Current Financial Position

  • A negative starting position of approx. NAf. 400 million
  • Up until mid-2017 estimated at NAf. 40 million (including unforeseen items)
  • Related budget deficits are estimated at some NAf. 320 million until and including 2020
  • Required totals approx. NAf. 4.2 billion (as documented in the NRRP)

Looking at the figures we need to acknowledge that the time to take our financial recovery serious is now and that financial rebuilding, recovery but also restructuring is urgently necessary. Looking at the figures further, it is also clear that we will not be able to handle this burden completely on our own and that a combined effort together with our Kingdom and possibly otherinternational partners will be required.

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Source: Government of Sint Maarten

The complete Financial Recovery Plan Sint Maarten 2018-2022 is available under this button:

Financial Recovery Plan Sint Maarten

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