Country report Global School-based Student Health Survey Curacao 2015


Adolescence represents a key period of transition within the life course, the navigation of which provides a secure basis for adult life. Poor health and well-being during the first two decades in life, arguably more than any other time during the life course, are likely to have a detrimental effect on our overall life chances; impacting educational achievement, the attainment of life goals as well as restricting emotional and social development.

Young people also hold their own generation-specific attitudes and definitions related to health and well-being which greatly influence how they perceive and act in relation to health behaviours, and which can be very different from adult perspectives. Consequently, understanding how young people experience their own health, health risks, relationships and quality of life becomes a vital task if effective health promotion and health policies are to be developed.

The Global Student-based Health Survey (GSHS) Curaçao 2015 therefore aimed to generate an overview of the current status of health and well-being among Curaçao’s adolescents. This report presents the main findings of the study. It provides an up-to-date view of adolescent health behaviour and well-being in Curaçao, it compares our adolescents’ health to adolescents in other Caribbean states that previously participated in the GSHS Study and to a similar survey among students in the Netherlands.


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