Corporate Governance Report 2015 Princess Juliana International Airport Sint Maarten


This report has been prepared based on the provisions of the corporate governance regulations, i.e., the Island Ordinance Corporate Governance (AB 2009, 10) and the Corporate Governance Code, amended by Island Decree number 1756 dated December 16, 2009.

It is our policy to apply and encourage strict adherence to the principles of best business practices. Essential in this regard is our emphasis on compliance with existing legislation and, being the leader in our sector and the community. As such we continuously examine our policies and procedures for observance with developments in the area of corporate governance. The Corporate Governance Code provides a good standard for the measurement of that observance. The Corporate Governance Code brings added value in the continued evolution of the corporate governance practices at PJIAE.

This report provides insight into corporate governance at PJIAE, adopted over the years and as observed by the officers of the company. The information contained herein has been furnished by management and has been prepared for the Supervisory Board to assist the external auditor with their assurance report on our evaluation of the status of compliance to the Corporate Governance Code.

This report concerns the status of compliance to the Corporate Governance Code in 2015. For ease of understanding where necessary we have included information on major subsequent events between reporting date and issuing date.


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