CFATF Tenth Follow-Up Report Suriname


This report represents an analysis of Suriname’s report back to the CFATF Plenary concerning the progress that it has made with regard to correcting the deficiencies that were identified in its third-round Mutual Evaluation Report (MER). The third-round MER of Suriname was adopted in October 2009, in Curacao, and Suriname was placed in expedited follow-up. In May of 2011, Suriname was placed into the first stage of enhanced follow-up. Suriname’s fourth follow-up report was presented to the May 2013 Plenary in Nicaragua, where it was determined that Suriname had made sufficient progress to be placed back into expedited follow-up. Suriname last reported to the June 2016 Plenary in Montego Bay, Jamaica and was kept in expedited follow-up.



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