Annual Report 2015-2016 Parliament of Sint Maarten


I present you the Annual report of the Parliament of Sint Maarten for the Parliamentary year 2015-2016.
I can look back at these months in the 2015-2016 Parliamentary year with a strong sense of satisfaction and pride. It was a year of change in which a new government was formed and a number of initiative laws were drafted and presented to Parliament.

This report reflects the achievements in passing laws, performing Parliament’s supervisory function in scrutinizing institutions, passing the budget, examining petitions and the start of digitalizing Parliament’s archives. To achieve all this, Public meetings were held, Members of other parliaments visited Sint Maarten and occasionally our Members went to Parlatino member countries or one or more countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

In presenting this Annual report, I am also satisfied and proud to announce that we were able to send a Sint Maartener to follow a study to become a legislative lawyer, “Wetgevingsjurist”, in the Netherlands for two years. We also saw promotion from within with the elevation of our 2nd Acting Secretary General to the 1st Acting Secretary General position.


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