Shadee Braun

Recruiter & Social Media Specialist

With us since 2013

Shadee Braun (MSc.) conducted research on Change Management for her Master thesis in Organizational Change &  Consulting. As the recruiter for BearingPoint Caribbean it has become her mission to establish brand awareness and build long-term relationships with our target group of graduates, young- and mid-senior level professionals in both IT and Management Consultancy. She does this not only in pursuit of  filling in the outstanding vacancies but also to generate a group of world class talented people that are interested to start or continue their career with us. Like one of the management team members always says: "There are two holy grails in an organization; your clients and your people". Shadee is proud to be responsible for the hiring of our new team amplifiers and is always on the lookout for meeting new people!

Shadee  Braun


MSc. in Organizational Change & Consulting at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam
Bachelor in Business Administration at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam"


Dutch, English, Papiamentu, and Spanish


Change Management


Dancing, Synchronized Swimming, and Travelling.

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