Sanin Kusmus


With us since 2019

Sanin first started his education in the fields of Mechanical and Civil Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. However, he later realized his true passion lied with public policy and chose to make the switch, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Economic Policy and a master’s degree in Economics and Governance at Leiden University. After completion of his studies, he returned to Curaçao and joined the BearingPoint team in April 2019 as a consultant. His focus lies mainly on the intersection between public policy and (social) economics.

Sanin  Kusmus


Msc. Economics and Governance, Leiden University
BSc. Political Science, Leiden University


Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Papiamentu


Social Security, Welfare State Economics, Public Finance, Regulatory Policy , Competition Policy,
Empirical Economics, Quantitative Policy Analysis


Reading up on the latest news and insights from the field, Formula1, Visiting museums

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