Roël Marten

Be Informed Specialist

With us since 2020

Roël is a result-oriented User Experience Designer with a degree in software development. He was born and raised in Curaçao and moved to the United States in 2013 to continue his education. In 2019, he moved back to Curaçao, in hopes to give back to his community. After experiencing different environments and diversity, he believes that the adoption of technology by a developing country as Curaçao, will have profound effects on its economies and life efficiencies. Roël joined BearingPoint Caribbean in January 2020 as a Be Informed Specialist. He is currently a member of the team that is developing the Multi Data Exchange Solution for the Tax Department of Curaçao and other countries around the globe.

Roël  Marten


BSc. Information Technology, Florida International University


English, Papiamentu, Dutch, and Spanish


User-centered software designs and software development, Be Informed Knowledge Modeling, and Be Informed Case Management.


Music, Traveling, Marketing enthusiast, Reading and Digital designs.

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