Ramses Elisabeth

Senior Be Informed Architect

With us since 2013

During his MSc. Computer Science studies at TU Delft Ramses Elisabeth (MSc.) worked as a Web-application developer and gained experience in the software development process. In 2010, Ramses joined BearingPoint and started working at BearingPoint's strategic partner Be Informed in The Netherlands where he worked as a Knowledge Analyst for 6 months gaining experience with the Be Informed Business Process Platform. Ramses officially joined BearingPoint Caribbean in 2011 and he is is presently strengthening the position of BearingPoint as an implementation partner for Be Informed applications.

Ramses Elisabeth


MSc. Computer Science Information Architecture, TU Delft


Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamentu


Be Informed Knowledge modeling and Case management / Object Oriented analysis, design and programming / Agile development methods; XP, SCRUM / Programming/Markup languages: Java, C#, JavaScript, JSP, HTML, XML, XSLT, PHP

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