Osman Öztürk

UX Designer

With us since 2020

Osman was born and raised in the Netherlands where he studied Communication & Multimedia Design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. His passion for UX started with his love for technology at a very young age. In his spare time, he would experiment with various technologies & products purely out of his own interest. It was then that he realized how a small flaw in the design could make such a big difference in the use of the product. This ignited his interest in the ‘science’ of human-technology interaction. Osman’s experiences as a UX/UI Designer include crafting beautiful data-driven & user-centered web and mobile products, working on blockchain solutions for the mobility network, and helping companies generate higher revenues through smart UX/UI solutions. In October 2020, Osman joined our team as UX Designer. 

Osman  Öztürk


BSc. Communication & Multimedia Design. The Hague University of Applied Sciences


Dutch, English, Turkish


User-centered Design, User Empathy, Concept Design, Visual Design, User Research, Usability Testing, Human Decision-making, Data-driven Design


Technology, Games, Boxing, Documentaries, Walking

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