Ivan Mercalina

Information Security Officer

With us since 2017

Ivan has an adventurous mind, broad interests and a hunger for knowledge. From his student days, he has been very interested in internet technology, particularly in the security aspects of the internet. Ivan has been following the developments closely ever since and therefore has a good theoretical and practical insight into the potential dangers of the internet. As a professional, Ivan has worked with complex multi-tier environments. He has knowledge of server hardware, network components, mobile devices, Microsoft Windows servers and various peripheral applications. Ivan has been a contributor in the implementation of several standards, including, but not limited to, SOX, ISO 27001, DigiD and PCI. He has successfully implemented the BIWA (ISO27001, for the Dutch Water Authorities. As of May 2017, Ivan moved to Curacao and joined our team as Senior Information Security Officer, dedicated to bringing the security of BearingPoint and its customers to an even higher level.

Ivan  Mercalina


MSc. Medical Biology, University of Utrecht


Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamentu, French (basic)


ISO27001 (implementation and auditing), Auditing DigiD/NEN7510/PCI/SOX, Risk Management (ISO27005.ISO31000), Manual penetration testing ( Web applications, Native applications, WIFI, Android, VoIP, Basic reverse engineering), Generic security consultancy, Presenting and giving security related demos

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