Gözde Yilmaz


With us since 2020

Gözde was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and moved to Rotterdam when she was 10 years old. She studied Communication at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and completed her Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies at the Leiden University. During her career she has gained experience in the Media industry but in 2017 she decided to make a career switch that made her notable as the “Vloggende Recruiter” (the “Vlogging Recruiter”). Gözde combines her passion for networking with social media skills and that is why she firmly believes in Social Recruitment. She is a driven professional who ensures that the candidates experience an amazing candidate journey throughout the whole job application process. Gözde joined our team in March 2020 as our “Vloggende” Recruiter. 

Gözde  Yilmaz


BSc. Communication
MSc. Middle Eastern Studies


Dutch, English, and Turkish


IT Recruitment, Personal & Employer Branding, Social Media, Video Recruitment, Social Recruitment, Content Creation and Photography.


Birth & Family Photography, Volunteer for charity projects.

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