Danielle Madiksan

Senior Software Engineer

With us since 1999

Danielle Madiksan (BSc.) started working for BearingPoint (formerly KPMG consulting) back in March 1999. Given the strong demand for software developers when Danielle joined the company, she was presented with the opportunity to switch from hardware to software development: the partners were convinced of her aptitude for this change given her strong reputation and excellent references. She has since then gained extensive hands-on experience specializing in Centura/Gupta in combination with THISWay and SQLServer. She has also done work in Oracle and in SQLBase.

Danielle Madiksan


BSc. Electrical Engineering, the University of the Netherlands Antilles


Dutch, English, Papiamentu, Javanese


Centura/Gupta/THISWay development and support expertise, SQLBase technical experience, Oracle to SQLBase and SQLServer 2000/2005 back-end conversions, Extensive hand-on expertise in functional documentations and system training development, Recognized excellence in both system demonstrations/presentations to clients and final customer knowledge transfer activities, extensive background in delivering Payroll/HR course instructions

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